Baby Kiyzer

He is a miracle baby

  Kiyzer's due date was Jan 10, 2016. We had group Beta strep that went into my blood stream which went into his and was killing both of us so the Dr had to do an emergency inducement. According to the doctors, when I had him September 14, 2015, he was 23 weeks and 5 days... 17 weeks 2 days early for a full term pregnancy. When he was born his heart wasn't beating and they couldn't get his heart started for 5 minutes after he was born. He wasn't supposed to live more than within a ...

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Jetski accident

  I had an accident riding my standup jetski Sunday July 31st, 2011.  It was just a normal fall in rough waves but the handlebar went into my neck when I fell.  After the wreck I started swimming back to my jetski to get back on it.  My 17 year old daughter that was riding her own sit down jetski came to check on me and saw the blood coming out of my neck, and calmly called 911. The fire department was there in minutes and got me to the hospital. The water police (not sure if ...

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